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How to add meta tags and title


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I've been writing some usefull information about how to get a website being shown first in googles under some keywords (here). I wanted to do a part where i was showing how to put meta tag keyword into the head of an HTML file and i realised it was off topic. So i desided to do a topic with it.

First of all you need to have acces to the HTML file of your site ( there might be many )
for bloger and blogspot user that don't know how to do it, it's explained here.

The webpage is devided into 3 part, the , the and the . Each part have a role ( i'm not sure for the foot ) the head contains high level information ( meta tags ), the body the physical one( all the structure of the webpage ).

So since we wanted to add keywords in our page, we will concentrate on the Head tag you should have something like this at the end.

exemple : Jack Bauer Facts site has meta tag in the head of it's html file

the syntaxe is
meta name="keywords" content=" Fill me "/>
meta name="description" content=" Fill me"/>

The result of a google querry of Jack Bauer facts should show the result
Best Jack Bauer Facts
Hi, welcome to the best site about Jack Bauer, we talk avout the CTU ... and a lots of dead terrorists

I hope it helped you.
Feel free to comment, click on links and look if there is other topic that you like
Have a nice day

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