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How to get my website first in google



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You want your website to be visible on the web?

You want to be found by google search?

Yes! everybody want that.

To be found under certain keywords on google, you need to specify them first.
You see google spider, scan the web to find to find site. The spider uses tools, it's most usefull one is links. Yes LINKS it's help finding new targets. So the most reference a page has the more important the page is. The google spider doesn't consider all site as equals, some big and known site like wikipedia, ebay and yahoo have a bigger importance, so having a link to you site in those pages makes you more important to the spider.

So when, Sophie type in google : video, she ask the spider what site is talking about videos. The spider know that site contain info about what Sophie is looking for only because of it's other very usefull tool. the tool is meta tags, when the spider jumps form site to site, she record what sites are talking about by reading the keywords and the description of the site on the meta tags of it.

You can find how to add meta-tags in you page : here

The spider with the help of the links and the meta tags is able to provide the best search result for Sophie, it's choosing what website should be shown first by looking if it's refered often and by important site and if it's fitting best the keyword entered.

Edit : I will soon add some usefull tools to monitor activity on your site and to see at want rank you can be found on google.

In other words, to get you page shown first you need
1)to have tons of links directed to your page.
there is a good tutorial how to build links fast : http://www.seobook.com/archives/001792.shtml

2)To have a good and complete list of keyword to link you site to the content of it.

I hope i helped you
Fell free to visit other page of my blog if something interest you
Have a nice day.
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