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Digg : ignore small website post.


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I have submitted several news with Digg and unfortunately, not only none of them got Digged but also none of them have been clicked on! You’re going to tell me that I just need to get quality content or to put an interesting title and a good description, but that’s just some false reasons that Digg user tell everyone.

I suspect that to get on the front page of Digg I would need a website with around 1000 visitor per day. I tell you right now, I don’t have thousands of visitors, but I’m working on it.

You see I’m not trying to get to the Top page of Digg I’m trying to get Digged maybe 10 times and I know I’m not alone. Everybody is trying not to get completely ignored.

Digg this if you’re ignored by Digg users.

I did a test the other day, just to see if it was me who was writing shitty content. I took an article for the inquirer about the iPhone, it was a very good article, I’ve submitted it to Digg and waited. Just guess how many people clicked on it? 0 again. This proved me that the problem was not me but maybe the way Digg is made. You need to search to get not Digged content and I understand that Digg want to give its users the contents they liked then most, but by doing this, they let go a lot of good quality contents.

So I came to the conclusion that it was not possible to compete with article on Digg top page, because they are all posted my website that does 1000$ per day in advertisement.

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