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Cat fight : Google vs Apple. Apple is lying


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Apple's rejection of the Google Voice app for the iPhone caused a lot of confusion. Google say that Apple's Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller told them the apps was refused.

On the other side, Apple claimed that it had not rejected Google's application.
The confusion caused the FFC to get involved and asked both side to send their version. Google claimed that Apple was lying about the rejection of the application. Apple claim that Google is lying and that they were still talking with Google about Google Voice.
Whose side shall we trust? Who is telling the truth? Since we don’t know which of them is lying, we will be forces to look at both companies past.

Google has always been open for everyone, Google also it support open sources project. For such a big company Google has a small number of controversies.

Although, take a look to Apple’s past! This company is not at its first scandal. Apple, only the last year, got hit by many lawsuit. Apple control and censures like a Chinese tyrant everything. How many applications for the IPhone were censured or simply rejected for bad reasons? Why can’t we install Mac OS on PCs? The IPhone like every other Apple’s product is also over expensive. To keep a good image, Apple is always forced to lie and that’s what is happening right now. Apple doesn’t want to lose the face so it’s lying and since its lying, Google is going to win this fight because they now they cannot reject Google Voice anymore.
PS: Maybe Google propaganda fooled us all and since it has a so good image they know that we will believe them and they use this to pressure on Apple.

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