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Top 10 most special computer mouse


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The grenade mouse

The grenade mouse can create a surprise effect due to its realist look. I don't know what's going to happen if you remove the clip and throw it..

The body mouse

The body mouse looks weird and it must be really awkward to put your hands on it. (Warning, it can have bad breath)

The wireless car mouse

Original and flashy they are optimised for high speed mouse speed

The sexy mouse

Stop staring at the mouse!

The NES mouse controller

For geeks that still remembers the old times, where the games were better than the graphics

The Diamante Mouse also called IMouse

Expansive and shiny it's the only mouse my girlfriend would be happy to use.( she denies it )

The mouse mouse

This mouse lack of originality, only people with some strange taste for dead thing will dare using it.

The gun mouse

Your Boss will not take you seriously if you threaten him with it.

The Brain mouse

It makes you be more intelligent

The Ghost mouse

I call it Casper If you have pictures of other computer mouse who looks different, please leave a comment with a link on it  I might add it to the post.

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