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How to crash IE and FireFox


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The top 3 most used web browser according to w3schools.com statistic are FireFox with 46.6%, Internet Explorer 39.6%,  and Google Chrome with 7.1%.

Browsers are not perfect, when you input the right thing, come Crash and it's ugly.

Come see your browser fail and be careful not to have anything important because it works. 

Here is a way to make crash all the most used web browser

To crash Internet explorer 8

To crash most of Internet explorer 7 version and lower

To crash Firefox 3.5.X , Opera 10 and Chrome

It's true that all the browser don't crash the same, but all of them except for Google Chrome, did a complete crash.

Result : Google Chrome win !

if you know one other way to crash an browser  leave a comment

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1 Response to "How to crash IE and FireFox"
Jean-Michel said :
October 13, 2009 at 9:26 p.m.
I know there is a way to crash Google Chrome Beta by entering :% in the url bar but it dosen't work in the version 2.0 and higher

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