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Cyber warfare: Hackers support the troops


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War is old as the world, only the way to do it has changed with time. During its evolution, the human race changed the way they were making war. They started with bare hands fighting, then with rocks and sticks, then with swords, bows and boats and finally gun, tanks, planes and missiles . Now in all the new modern wars, there is a new tool that generals can use to complete their strategies; Cyber warriors!

Cyber warriors, are basically hackers hired or trained by government or an organisation. There can do several things to help the military. Even if they don’t go and fight up close and personal with the enemy on the field, they can use their magic to gather sensitive or classified information that can be used to gain the advantage on the enemy, uncover enemy spies or find good target for a high precision missile strike. Just like spies, they can also do some good old sabotage. All critical infrastructures; like power, water, fuel, communication and transportation can be the target of their attack. We had a preview of what it would be like to be the target of a cyber attack in “Live Free or Die Hard” the 2008 movie starring Bruce Willis. That kind of attack can completely paralyse everybody’s life for hours and is very bad against the enemy’s moral. Who would say no to shutting down the enemy’s production of weapons?

Talking about moral, cyber army’s can diffuse propaganda more efficiently then in the past, instead of pouring flyers out of big airplanes, they will spam your cell phone and your e-mailbox with messages, this method is also less expensive in money and human life. They can deface websites to make it say whatever they want it to say. What does this do? Imagine that you go on your local news website and you see a page saying that your government lie to you and then an article about how they killed thousands of innocent. This can bring doubt and its show to the population an action on the enemy on their everyday life

The most impressive thing they can do is to actually intercept or replace orders given to every enemy unit that use a computer and /or satellite; everything that uses a computer is at risk even an aiming missile. That hack is so useful, they can steal the identity of the enemy headquarter and tell an enemy unit to hold their position, while the artillery strike is on its way.

These attacks can also be done against us also, so we need to secure our country’s infrastructures, invest money and take serious every threat. Because cyber wars exist here some exemple :
Cyberattacks during the 2008 South Ossetia war 
Cyber attack against United State and South Korea
So that might why on the April 7, 2009, The Pentagon announced they spent more than $100 million in the last six months responding to and repairing damage from cyber attacks and other computer network problems.

Hackers have their uses in modern wars, they will be used more and more,they will never replace the spies but working in cooperation with them will make hackers work more efficient.Even if in this article we focused of a cyber war between countries, the most common use of all cyber war is between companies, unfair concurrent that will do everything to get to the top.
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Jean-Michel said :
October 4, 2009 at 2:11 a.m.
I remember that there recently was an DDos attack on Godaddy, it put my website down for hours

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