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Windows vista to 7 pro Upgrade caused my Outlook 2007 to act crazy



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I decided to upgrade my computer from Windows Vista to Windows Seven this week. The installation worked well and I was able to use windows 7 without problem. The OS works great, way better then Vista, it has a nice and natural interface, but after I stopped looking at the new functionalities and started to work again, I realized there was something very wrong with my Outlook 2007.

I was receiving e-mails under wrong person name and people I was sending e-mails to were telling me they weren’t receiving anything. I was confused, then I found the source of it, it was my contact list, it was all messed up. All the information on it looked correct, but when I was adding people to send them an e-mail with the contact button, the e-mail in the contact list was different than the one that appeared.

I looked on internet for someone that had the same problem as I did, but it’s seems it’s only me. Also I’m pretty sure that my outlook was working fine before I did the upgrade. I admit that not everybody install windows seven these days because it’s not out yet (I got my version legally with my MSDNAA account) but I mean I’m not alone to have done the upgrade. Luckily, I was able to fix my problem.

Basically, what I did to correct the problem is I deleted all my contacts, but then they were still in my blackberry so with the synchronise tool of the phone, I added back everybody and the problem was gone.

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1 Response to "Windows vista to 7 pro Upgrade caused my Outlook 2007 to act crazy"
Anonymous said :
October 25, 2009 at 12:21 p.m.
I got my WIN 7 Ultimate after Oct 22 2009, upgraded from Vista Ultimate, apparently, successfully. But WIN7 will not recognize my Outlook 2007 program, let alone run it.
I notice that like other MS Office 2007 products from my old Vista, WIN7 installed new copy of Outlook 2007 (no product activation demanded, though).
Maybe I have to start from scratch and import the old .pst file?
Maybe there is an easier fix, like point the .pst hook to the old pst file?
Any help out there for me and the person above?

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