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Top 5 things the perfect web surfer does



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I have recently started blogging and as a blogger I have begun to see things differently about how I should surf the net, before I realised this, I was a very bad visitor for other’s sites. I had been using the websites without thinking how much effort people made to put up useful and critical information for me. Now searching method has changed, it might be a little less efficient but I’ve found a lot of information that I would not have seen without my new code of ethic.

Writing comments

The first thing I started to do since I realised my bad behaviour was to start writing comments on the website I went on. Many would say that it’s useless but just writing a thank you will make them know that what they did was useful to someone! Also it could be a good way to give them motivation to continue writing about new things or to modify their post to make it better for the next person. Motivation, my friend, is what most small website or blog use to continue their good work!

How should the perfect web user behave

Bookmarking or evaluating

Another very good way to make a web page owner happy is to give it’s url to your friends, if you found the content of the page useful. If you did but no friend is interested in the subject, you can always use the bookmarking tools like Digg(To vote or to refer) that can be available on their page. This is likely to bring new users to the website and the more users the webpage have, the more likely it is to result in more content they will post, which can potentially be advantageous to you.
Looking all around the page
Another think I found I was doing wrong is I was always looking at the information I needed and then if I found it or not, I would simply leave the page. Since I stopped doing this, I found many interesting topics that website owner had put in reference. So now I look more at the page and it’s surrounding, I can see related pages, the subscribe buttons and the advertisements.

When I was not aware of the website owner side, I was avoiding clicking on any ad. If an advertisement had info I was looking for, I preferred copy-pasting the URL of the advertisement and copying it in the address bar so that the guy would not get any money. I did not do that on purpose; I was seeing the advertisement as an unpleasant thing so by not clicking on it WRONG!The only thing that would go away before the advertisement is the website itself. Advertisement is essential to every website so now I look at advertisement, searching for something I might be interested in. I do this because I know it’s going to put money directly in the pocket of the website owner. Earlier I said that motivation was what makes run every website, I don’t need to tell you how much motivation money is giving, you know that already.

Answers polls and surveys

With this said, I’d like to remind you of the presence of a poll of my website, right now there is 1 user every 150 visitor that answers it. Now, I’ll write with my blogger point of view, answering a poll is for you, you see the one on my site is “Do you like this site?” Why would someone ask such a question? The answer is: for improvement. I can edit the contents of my posts, I can be more careful with the spelling and grammar and I can improve the page layout. Those are the things I can change with the answers from poll. Answering it is easy and it help you just as much as it helps me.


If you really want to give a kick to a website, give it money! On this website there is no donation option because it’s free for me to host the site (if you insist on giving money it’s fine by me). Many open source project fuel on donation though, for instance Open Office make a good and free replacement for Office products which cost more than 200$, basically Open Office makes you save 200$. How about giving them a little bit of helpful money? Most of the open source projects fail due to lack of money.

Finally, we saw the 5 thing that the perfect web user does. The first thing is to comment on pages, also he makes pass the information on websites to his friend that might be interested in it or evaluate it with the tools available on the website. The perfect web user does not just come on the page and then leave; he takes time to look at everything on the page. Answering polls and survey is also very kind although not as much as donation. All this ethic of surfing the web also bring us the question: what does the perfect website owner should do?
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